Welcome to BIM Architectural Services...

Do you require architectural designs to help you visualise your ideas?

Want to "wow" your clients with virtual animated designs?

Are you trying to secure a private tender and need your client to realise its potential?

Welcome to BIM Architectural Services. We provide virtual design and construction services using the very latest advancements in BIM technology based in Redcar, Teesside in the North East of England. We offer you an advanced architectural solution based on the size of your residential or commercial project. Check out our website and contact information for more details and to view a selection of our projects.

Whether you require a basic layout or a multifaceted, highly functional and complex 4D design, BIM Architectural Services has the solution for you. Our architectural design covers much more than traditional 2D drawings and geometry. From our Redcar seafront office our BIM services offer animated imagery, spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, as well as quantities and properties of building components. This is why our services are sought after all over the North East of England.

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