BIM and Residential Contractors...

Building contractors today need to learn how to become more productive and efficient in their processes and do more with less. BIM Architectural Services believe by producing an accurate BIM model builders can achieve the goals of being more efficient and achieve more with less. By starting with a BIM model as your data source it will support the product life-cycle from concept to close and further if required.

The BIM model can...

The BIM technology facilitates superb coordination. The model can be accessed and updated by all of the parties involved, this improves greatly the internal and external communication. Apart from the contractor and developer the following trades can also benefit considerably, Electricians, Plumbers, Interior designers, Landscape architects, Real estate agents and home buyers or potential buyers.

BIM has many capabilities that make it easier to oversee the administration tasks. The BIM model can aid in ordering materials, manage employees and more. Regardless of teh size of the project, BIM can increase the speed of all stages of the design and the construction process. Large housing developments as well as individual projects can benefit from the improved coordination and the accuracy enabled by BIM technology.

One of the greatest benefits of BIM is its effect on housing sales. The sophisticated 3D models that BIM Architectural Services can provide using BIM are perfect for showing potential buyers what a house will really look before it is built. This early accuracy in such models also promotes communication to ensure that client expectations are met.

If we look over to America where BIM has had a faster uptake than the UK (in the early years anyway), the top homebuilders depend on Building Information Modelling for creating all their home models in 3D instead of time consuming 2D drawings. They have found that BIM offers the flexibility of customization and gives more options to their clients.