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Welcome to BIM Architectural Services. We provide design services for a variety of projects across the UK, using our extensive knowledge of BIM to develop solutions that are attractive, accurate and considerate of your requirements. Whether you're building an extension, or taking on a larger project, we'd be happy to help. BIM Architectural Services offer affordable, high quality design, and are highly experienced in multiple design processes. If you're looking for a reliable, professional and affordable architect, contact us today.

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Highly Experienced

Adapting to your requirements

At BIM Architectural Services, we use BIM (Building Information Modelling) to build efficiently build designs that are highly accurate, ensuring we consider each and every requirement of your project. Using BIM helps us to work quickly and effectively; helping you to keep your project on track.

immersive modelling

Producing high quality CGIs

We generate detailed computer generated images, graphics, videos and walkthroughs to help you better visualise your project and develop an understanding of how your project will look and feel. Thinking of building a new extension or remodeling your home? Wouldn't you like a stunning visual representation of what you want your project to look like. Visuals such as the one below allow you to better understand how your project will look upon completion, and give construction workers and other collaborators a clear goal to work towards, helping to minimise miscommunication. Take a look at our model below by scrolling around.

Interactive Experiences

Virtual Walkthroughs

BIM Architectural Services can produce virtual walkthroughs for any project, where users can manipulate the environment to view their project from different perspectives, and at different times throughout the day. For access to the full functionality, click here. When interacting with the model, you can pan around with your mouse, move around the environment with your arrow keys or scroll wheel, and right click while holding the shift key to cycle through the time of day.

Why choose us

Our Focus at BIM Architectural Services

We take time to learn about the exact specifications and requirements of your project, to make the process of obtaining high quality designs seamless and simple. We are very considerate of our clients and strive to provide the best architectural services available in the UK.

Highly Experienced

We are a very experienced BIM architecture firm, capable of producing extremely high quality graphics, for a variety of projects, from home renovations to apartment schemes.

Focus on Sustainability

We are aware of the importance of sustainability in construction projects; so always consider ways in which we can better minimise the environmental impact of our projects.

Thorough Analysis

We are highly meticulous with our analysis when building architectural designs, considering all aspects of a project including the effects of weather, energy analysis, daylighting and more to ensure your project is the best it can be.

Producing Multiple Formats

We are capable of producing several different types of graphics, including 2D CAD drawings, 3D Models, video walkthroughs and VR materials, so you can better visualise your project.

Fair and Affordable

We always tailor our services to suit our customer. If you require design work for a smaller project, with a smaller budget, we can cater to you. We also have a lot of experience in large scale projects.

Extremely Reputable

We are well respected throughout the UK for our attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Driven by shared vision.

We build exciting projects, based on collaboration, communication, and mutual understanding.

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Professional Video Tours

Better visualise your project

Video tours allow you to develop a better understanding of how your project will look and feel in the environment. Video tours can be structured however you like, giving you complete control. This enables us to simulate the journey of a person through a building, so you can feel as though you are present, experiencing the property as you would in the real world.

3D Walkthroughs

Experience the space

Getting a virtual sense of the space has numerous benefits. It allows you to evaluate your project, identifying areas you like, and areas for improvement. Our video walkthroughs are also perfect for marketing, allowing you to clearly communicate your ideas to your audience.

Our Clients


We've loved working with local clients across Teesside. We always strive to provide the best service we can, considering the needs and wants of our clients. If you'd like some advice or want to discuss how we can help with your next project, please get in touch.

"Don covered all the design options for our loft conversion leaving us in no doubt we have best option for our property. He guided us through the design process of a major structural alteration to our property from start to finish with a degree of patience and an understanding of our needs which made us feel very reassured. We would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone undertaking a similar property alteration."

"I am very pleased with the service provided by BIM. Don was very good at drawing up plans for our extension and was always available whenever we contacted him. He made sure the plans were sent to us in a timely manner and supported us with fantastic ideas and valuable advice."

"I used this for my house extension, Amazing service and brilliant work done. Would definitely recommend."

"Detailed Perfection, Surpassed my problem free expectations. Pleasant and sometimes joyful, difficult project undertaken with expertise and reassurance throughout. plus the main reason for my review, Came in under Budget."

"Very helpful with graphics way over and above the norm. Ours was a very long ongoing Planning Application and Don was there throughout to support us. I would strongly recommend him!"

"Many thanks, For making our dreams come true. Total pleasure from start to completion"

"Difficult application tried over the years to get permission. BIM Architectural Services put the work and hours in and I finally received my permission. Great drawings and full costings so I knew exactly my build costs. Would use again."

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